Top Recommendations Logistics Clerk Scam Alert 5 Logistics Clerk Scam Alert

Beware of another Reshipping-Forwarding scam operating as PACKAGE LOGISTICS INC at They are sending “job offer” emails that originates from Sat Link in Russia and then follows up from an email address that originates from Abovenet Communications in Denver... Scam Alert 0 Scam Alert

Beware! Another suspected money mule employment scam is operating as a construction company at The domain was originally registered 2014-04-30, updated on 2015-05-21 and expires on 2016-04-29, hosted in the Netherlands and is registered to an Allen B....

Halyard Health Inc Job Scam Alert 4

Halyard Health Inc Job Scam Alert

Someone by the name Melvin West (fake name) is claiming to represent a company called Halyard Health Inc and is currently sending out emails trying to recruit employees for bogus “Payment Processor” positions. Apparently they...

Henry Schein Escrow Officer Scam Alert 0

Henry Schein Escrow Officer Scam Alert

It appears scammers are now targeting Henry Schein Inc, which is a legitimate global provider of health care products and services to office-based dental, animal health and medical practitioners with distribution networks and offices in 30...

Beware Of The Kerry Foods Scam 5

Beware Of The Kerry Foods Scam

Be aware that scammers are operating a money mule employment scam currently through They have stolen the identity of the legitimate company in which the real website is The fake website at... Scam 0 Scam

Beware! It appears that Continental-Transit Inc has expanded and is operating as Integrated Express as well! The domain was just registered on June 8th, 2015 for one year and it is an exact copy of the...

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