Another Logistics Agent Reshipping Job Scam – Premium Send

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  1. Tracy Conner says:

    Business Title: Quality Controller.

    Enterprise: Amazon Corporate LLC.
    Business Sector: Quality Inspection Services.

    Proposed Salary: $55000 a year.

    Dates offered: April 15, May 15.

    Status: Permanent Position.

    Location: USA/All states.
    Traveling Involved: Negligible.

    Job Summary:
    Here at Amazon we are looking to hire a Quality Controller to join the team. This vital position requires an action-orientated, flexible problem-solver who will assist customers in expediting orders and correcting post-sale problems. Quality Controllers communicate with managerial staff primarily via email and utilize a variety of software tools to communicate effective solutions in a fun, and fast paced environment.

    Essential Duties:
    You will receive the products that will be delivered right to your door, examine them for compliance with customers’ orders, make sure the orders meet clients’ demands and submit all the data on the received orders.
    We will verify the seller and provide you with the data for further shipment logistics. Then you will send out the merchandise to the specified Amazon storage facilities.
    It is an excellent chance for you to become a part of a large team of professionals and to stop the increase of dishonest sellers.

    Skills and Attributes:
    Ability to read specifications.
    Self-motivated, and possess a high degree of curiosity and desire to learn new things.
    Good computer skills.
    Must work effectively with all management levels and staff affiliates.

    Medical, dental, 401K, education assistance, and more.

    Why Work With Us?

    This position gives you the chance to tailor your day to your wishes and earn money.
    You will work right in your house not more than 1-2 hours per day.
    You don’t need to go to office.
    There is no strict working time.

    If you are interested in the position, please send your resume to the above address.

    Best regards,
    Mamie Walsh.

  2. Nan says:

    I got the same email from Lisa Robinson. Good that I google this company before I send them any information. This is another name of this company.

  3. SHEENA SIMS says:


  4. Ham says:

    I received the same e-mail as below, But I didn’t trust them to send my information.

    Hello dear friend,

    We appreciate your interest in being a part of our team.

    First of all, we would like to tell you a few words about our Company.

    At the moment, we are working at the development of one business direction that can improve the quality of online shopping business.

    We are proud to deal with the Amazon Company that trusted us to check new registered sellers to avoid any scams.

    How it works?

    1. We receive items from new registered sellers.

    2. We inspect the parcelТs condition and content.

    3. If everything is OK, we forward it to the Amazon.

    What do we offer?

    Position: Quality Controllers

    You will earn $40 for every processed package on a monthly schedule.

    You can receive about 100 packages. The exact quantity will depend on your speed and quality of work.

    Our automatic system will stop sending you any new items if you have any delays with previous parcels.

    On the contrary, we try to stimulate and reward fast-sending employees by topping them in the list of receivers.

    Therefore, if you are hard-working, you can easily earn up to $4,500 per month.


    1. You donТt need to visit any office. We offer comfortable work from your cozy place.

    2. You can manage your timetable as you like. You will spend 2-3 hours to complete daily tasks. It means that you can combine this job with any other daily activities or your current work.

    If you want to get more details, please read Job Description and FAQ files attached. You can find a lot of detailed answers to your questions.

    If you like this opportunity and meet all the requirements, we are happy to offer you this position.

    Please print, complete and sign Job offer and Payment form.

    After that, please scan these papers and send us to this email.

    We will provide you with all further instructions.

    We will be delighted if you will accept our unique offer.

    If you have any kind of questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Lisa Robertson,

    Reship USA Parcel, LLC

    (302) 481-9946

  5. TracyPierce says:

    These people have contacted me and I was stupid to believe they were going to pay me to reship items. Now I keep getting mail from PayPal with other people’s name but my address where they have opened credit cards. God only knows what all they have did with my information. I have told them to quit sending me packages that I wasn’t sending anything else but they still continue to send them. I was just trying to find a part time job man did I get fooled.

  6. Susanne says:

    They changed their company Name to USA Goods Logistics, LLC . I just received an email with the Information on how I should proceed if I want to work for the company. Address is also the Warehouse in New Castle, DL and phone Number is still the same than in the Article mentioned above.

    New Names are Emily Norton and Tobias Collet

  7. Greg Miller says:

    My wife was contacted by the same Lisa Robertson and signed up for this. All they needed was a Pay Pal account in which we don’t keep any money. How could this be a scam? Will they just not pay the wages they promise? We have not given them any personal information that could be harmful.

    • admin says:

      Correct they do not pay and if they do deposit anything into your paypal, many times the transaction is later found to be fraudulent and if you already withdrew or spent it, you will be held responsible to repay it. Also the “employee” is receiving and reshipping merchandise purchased with stolen credit card numbers which the merchandise is then traced to the employee. This can result in the employee being charged with credit card fraud and/or receiving stolen merchandise.

  8. Brenda says:

    Marcel Tritt via
    Dec 27 (2 days ago)

    to brenda
    Position Title: Quality Controller.

    Enterprise: Amazon Corporate LLC.
    Functional Area: Quality Inspection Services.

    Base salary: $65000 per annum.

    Job Available: Jan. 01 – Jan. 31 2018.

    Appointment type: Permanent Position.

    Location: USA/All states.
    Traveling Involved: None.

    Job Summary:
    If you’re looking for a chance to be a part of a progressive, dynamic and fast-paced work environment and are excited by the opportunity to build something new, we need exceptionally customer-focused, data driven and inventive Quality Controllers.

    Duties and Responsibilities:
    You will receive the goods that will be sent right to your home address, inspect them for accuracy, assure the goods meet clients’ requests and report to us all detailed information on the accepted goods.
    We will verify the seller and update you with the data for further shipment transportation. Then you will need to ship the merchandise to the specified Amazon warehouses.
    It is an awesome opportunity for you to become a part of a huge team of experts and to prevent the growth of dishonest sellers.

    Skills Requirements:
    Ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out instructions furnished in written or oral form.
    Able to lift up to 50 lbs.
    Ability to read and interpret documents such as operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.
    Must work effectively with all management levels and staff affiliates.

    Medical, dental, 401K, education assistance, and more.

    What Can We Offer You?

    This work provides you with the chance to plan your day as you wish and get paid.
    You are to work right in your house not more than 2-3 hours daily.
    You don’t need to go to office.
    There is no strict working hours.

    If you find yourself an appropriate candidate, please send your resume to the above address.

    Kind Regards,
    Marcel Tritt & Lisa Robinson

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