Category: Employment And Job Scams Scam Alert 12 Scam Alert

Beware of a new business website titled Tax Refund Express at It was just registered on 04/01/2015 and is hosted at Vooservers in the UK at IP address, a host and IP that... Scam Alert 2 Scam Alert

A new website has just appeared on the suspected scam radar. This time it is a Tax Preparation and Consulting site at just registered on 3/23/15 and hosted at IP address on Vooservers... Scam Alert 1 Scam Alert

I’ve just been informed about a suspected re-shipping scam operating at The website registered on 1/26/15 is showing hosted on Cloudfare in San Francisco at IP address and the registrants information shown on... Scam Alert 23 Scam Alert

Two more suspicious new websites has shown up on the scam radar, this time at created 3/5/15 and created 3/13/15. These websites was just registered through NETIM SARL and is hosted on Vooservers in the...

Advantage Web Development Scam Alert 7

Advantage Web Development Scam Alert

Beware! It seems the scammers may be at it again! This time it looks like they may be targeting a former business that was once operating as Advantage Web Development at 205 Beverly Lane, Hattiesburg, MS 39402 in which the legitimate business phone...

SCK Design Scam 1

SCK Design Scam

SCK Design WAS a women-owned business located in the historic Tremont area of Cleveland. Founded in 1996 the company once consisted of 10 talented professionals experienced in designing and producing award-winning web sites, custom software applications and... Scam 1 Scam

Elca Solutions was once a legitimate web development company located in Gainesville/Largo Florida. However, although sites like yelp, yellow pages, manta and others still list the business which makes it appear to still be open...