Scam Alert

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2 Responses

  1. jay hatfield says:

    This website is a scam. They have used my name, my company name which was never an active company, and my mailinag address . I own none of these websites and have nothing to do with this scam. I am a victim here as well. I am trying to get it sorted out and have filed a complaint with the IC3. Please do not have anything to do with this . It has been a big mess for me. I cannot contact these people. They will not answer their phones.

    Jay Hatfield

    • admin says:

      Unfortunately this is how these criminals operate. They target companies that aren’t active but appears in searches as though though they are or could be active. They will use any info they can find that will make it look legitimate to their “potential mules” including the former and/or current owners name and business address. I’m so sorry you were targeted by these criminals.

      Thankfully both websites and has been shut down. But unfortunately that only means that unless they have been caught, they have since moved on and is targeting someone else’s company as well as unsuspecting job seekers.

      Thank you for commenting!