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Proofreading Employment Scams 1

Proofreading Employment Scams

Over the last few months I’ve been getting emails with job offers to work as a proofreader, business correspondence reviewer, texts proofreader or text editor etc. Of course I knew it was some sort of scam,...

Beware Of The Bizde Inc Scam 0

Beware Of The Bizde Inc Scam

Looks like our webdesign and tax prep scammers have found a way to expand their money mule operation into the Online shopping/auction business! A new site was just registered on 04/11/2015 at IP address, with the URL...

Taxmasterny.com Scam Alert 5

Taxmasterny.com Scam Alert

Beware! Another suspected fake Income Tax Preparation website has just popped up on our scam radar at http://taxmasterny.com! The domain was just registered on 04/07/2015 and the website created 04/08/2015 on Vooservers in the...

TaxAdjusting.com Scam Alert 2

TaxAdjusting.com Scam Alert

A new website has just appeared on the suspected scam radar. This time it is a Tax Preparation and Consulting site at http://taxadjusting.com just registered on 3/23/15 and hosted at IP address on Vooservers...

Parcelal.com Scam Alert 1

Parcelal.com Scam Alert

I’ve just been informed about a suspected re-shipping scam operating at www.parcelal.com. The website registered on 1/26/15 is showing hosted on Cloudfare in San Francisco at IP address and the registrants information shown on...

88printingny.com Scam Alert 23

88printingny.com Scam Alert

Two more suspicious new websites has shown up on the scam radar, this time at http://88printingny.com created 3/5/15 and http://88printingweb.com created 3/13/15. These websites was just registered through NETIM SARL and is hosted on Vooservers in the...

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