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Halyard Health Inc Job Scam Alert 4

Halyard Health Inc Job Scam Alert

Someone by the name Melvin West (fake name) is claiming to represent a company called Halyard Health Inc and is currently sending out emails trying to recruit employees for bogus “Payment Processor” positions. Apparently they...

Proofreading Employment Scams 1

Proofreading Employment Scams

Over the last few months I’ve been getting emails with job offers to work as a proofreader, business correspondence reviewer, texts proofreader or text editor etc. Of course I knew it was some sort of scam,...

Taxrefex.com Scam Alert 12

Taxrefex.com Scam Alert

Beware of a new business website titled Tax Refund Express at http://taxrefex.com. It was just registered on 04/01/2015 and is hosted at Vooservers in the UK at IP address, a host and IP that...

TaxAdjusting.com Scam Alert 2

TaxAdjusting.com Scam Alert

A new website has just appeared on the suspected scam radar. This time it is a Tax Preparation and Consulting site at http://taxadjusting.com just registered on 3/23/15 and hosted at IP address on Vooservers...

Parcelal.com Scam Alert 1

Parcelal.com Scam Alert

I’ve just been informed about a suspected re-shipping scam operating at www.parcelal.com. The website registered on 1/26/15 is showing hosted on Cloudfare in San Francisco at IP address and the registrants information shown on...

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