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5 Responses

  1. lovie says:

    I have same experience, I give my bank account details to Nikolas and my Resume. and were just talking via email and giving me instruction what should i do, they send me amount of money $2300 and they said i have 11% commission for that, in that day and told me to withdraw the money and send it via moneygram, I withdraw the $2000 only because the bank has a limit. so they told me to send the 2000 in moneygram and the rest of it they just going to put on the next order. The next day they email me again that i have a new order so they send another $2300 on my account, but unfortunately i just withdraw the 1400, i told them im going to send the 880 in the morning and they said ok. i did a research in the internet abou their company and I’ve seen that it was a Fraud, so i was so scared and i called the my bank if they can closed my account which they did, in the morning i went to the branch of my bank and tell them what happen so the bank called the Fraud investigators and they said that it was really a Fraud, so the bank look at my statements of account how much the scammer send money to me and ask me for the receipt of moneygram. so i gave it to them, the bank took all the money which i need to send to the scammer. that night the scammer keep emailing me telling me that i need to send the rest of the money which is the $880 ASAP, so i was so scared i went to the police station and report about it and that time Nikolas ring me on my phone and told me to send the money, I gave my phone to the police man so he can speak to nikolas and nikolas said that he will call a police if i wont give his money back. I am so scared maybe he will send someone and kill me. he knows where i lived!! and one thing the police told me that it was a stolen money that he keep sending me and he was using my bank account and my details. dont know what should I do im so stressed out, im such a stupid idiot

    • admin says:

      I’m so sorry you became a victim of these criminals. I know it’s a scary thing to deal with and all kind of scary things go through your mind when you realize you have been scammed especially when these creeps try to threaten and intimidate you. But I wouldn’t worry to much about them sending someone to your house since these jerks usually operate from foreign countries like Russia or whatever country they have you wire the money to. They are only interested in getting their hands on the money because they know once the money is wired and picked up on their end, you will be the one that will be held responsible for the money they stole and they walk away unscathed. However I would worry about them stealing your identity though and trying to obtain credit in your name. So you might want to get some identity theft protection.

  2. melissa says:

    I think I am a member of the scam. I was promised a paycheck from Finland and they also told me they were added me to their database so I can receive more packages. I have gotten paid and they are not responding to my emails I have a package here but they don’t seem to care about it. I am such a sucker

  3. Hi,

    Firstly, congratulations on the site.

    I really think you should drop the “Stop Googling their names” banner.
    Googling one of “their names” helped me find this site and I am a firm believer that, as far as dodgy companies / websites / job offers are concerned: GIYF – Google is Your Friend!

    If we could educate every recipient of an emailed job offer to search the internet for the associated name, telephone number or email address, there would be a few less victims.

    Best wishes, and keep up the good work

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment I agree with you about google and google has definitely been a friend to this site in which it’s purpose is to help prevent victims from various job scams. The banner is not intended to discourage using google for that purpose whatsoever. But I do see your point. 😉