TM Company (Top Motion) Logistics Manager Reshipping Job Scam

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30 Responses

  1. jose gomez says:

    I was victimized by this company what do i do now, and how can i clear my name?

    • admin says:

      We’re so sorry that you became a victim. In the article above, read the section under the heading “REPORT MAIL FRAUD”. That section tells you the steps to take and what to do if you are a victim.

      • Mike B. says:

        I contacted the police, fbi, and they post Master General after reading this article, and I’m actually thinking about going to ga, to this address since they’ve been caught several times now and the Georgia police haven’t done anything to stop them,

        • admin says:

          That’s about all you can do. It’s in their hands now. However it’s doubtful you would find these scammers at that address, because they weren’t ever there to start with. It was just an address used to make them appear legit.

  2. Mike B. says:

    Yeah they got me too, the same day I saw this online they locked me out of the website, great all I wanted was a job at home so I could stop being an otr truck driver

  3. Cheryl Hudson says:

    I don’t know what to do about it except send the packages back to who ever is dropping them off. I would just tell FedEx or the post office that I don’t want the packages until they stop sending them. They come with different names and my address but when I get the new label it has my name too. I will just have to tell the postal service that I do not want the packages.

    • admin says:

      Yes definitely refuse any further packages and if you currently have any packages, take them to Fed Ex or the Post Office and explain you are a victim of a reshipping fraud job scam along with any information you may have about the scammers including phone #’s, emails etc. They will know what to do and advise you. If you provided any personal information to the scammers, they could also try and steal your identity. So be diligent and keep an eye on your credit report and for new accounts you did not open or simply get some identity theft protection.

  4. Cheryl Hudson says:

    I think I have just been scammed by this TM Company. I finished the entire 31 day trial period and they have not paid me. That is when I decided to google it and I found this information. The control panel I am using right now for the virtual work place is

    • admin says:

      The chances are you probably won’t see a dime, however that should be the least of your worries. What many victims of these reshipping fraud job scams don’t realize is, they have unknowingly committed a crime! The sole purpose of this type of job scam, is to find people who are willing to allow these criminals to have merchandise and gift cards sent to their home address in which the criminals actually purchased with stolen credit card numbers. Once the victim of the stolen credit card number finds the fraudulent charge and files a dispute with their fraud department the merchandise will be traced to YOUR address and therefore YOU could be arrested and prosecuted for credit card fraud and/or receiving stolen property! Depending on the total amount of the purchase it could even be a felony!

  5. Cody B says:

    Yeah I got suckerd into this as well. I gave them all my info.. and thought it was legit cause they were sending me iPhone 7, GoPro hero 5, and IPad Air, a lot of expensive stuff… it’s crazy. Like wtf!!

  6. Dave Morgan says:

    I have worked with such company Courier, they do same thing and I just discovered that I ‘m a victim as well when the probation Period is gone they locked my account and did not pay me and don’t know how to do with that situation

    • admin says: was registered on 11/10/2016 for one year only by someone by the name Robert Slade with a mailing address in Toledo and using a disposable email address: They have stolen the identity of a legitimate company called Courier Systems Inc which is actually operating at the same business address the scammers have listed on their website: 45 Griffith St. Salem NJ 08079, however the real Courier Systems Inc’s phone # is 856 451-5051 (NOT (888) 664-5019) and their website is located at which has been online since 2001 and they own 4 different warehouse locations in New Jersey.

      It’s a common tactic for scammers to use the identity of an actual legitimate business and many may even use the real business address and some even points a fake domain/website url to redirect to the legitimate business website. But the phone number and email they use in the scam will always be different.

      All you can do at this point is file a complaint at the website and also file a police report. If you shared any personal information, you may want to consider getting some type of identity theft protection as well. You can read more about what to do as a scam victim in the article above.

  7. Julie Olivas says:

    I am a victim as well and dang do these guys love to argue how legitimate their shit is. As soon as my dad showed me it’s a scam I called my “supervisor” to ask and she hung up on me and disconnected the line. I asked for proof they are a legitimate company like they were arguing and a whole 24 hours later they sent me a photo but I have extreme reason to believe it’s forged. They’re asking me to send them back the packages I have or I we’ll be labeled a thief, but I called my local authorities let them take them. I hate these people. I really needed that turnaround and pay day they were presenting me.

  8. BEWARE!!!!! I got an email from this company on 03/01/2017 from TM(Top Motion) for the position of Logistics Supervisor that same day I got another email from a company called TN(TopNotion) for the position of Operations (Logistics) Manager, not to make a long story short I got a second email about the latter position just a few minutes ago and decided to check it out and guess what it is the same company both sites were called the TN company when I went to their website even though one email stated TM Company and the other stated TN Company. Just wanting to warn people that they are sending multiple emails out for not one but two companies. I made the mistake of sending my application in to the first time then afterward decided to research their one of their addresses which they have listed as being in GA and it turns out that the physical address is in the middle of the road. The site link that I posted is for the employment contract and when you click our website it states Account disabled by server adminstrator.

    • admin says:

      Yes these are the same scammers. They continue registering new domains because their websites keep getting reported and shut down for fraud. They are still finding new victims to do this so they just quickly create new mailing servers, business pages, log-in panels and contract websites to continue the scam. The,,,, and are some of their new domains just registered between 3/1/17 & 3/3/17.

  9. TM says:

    I found this too late I’ve already sent off about 4 packages and just received another one. I’ve reported it to both sites you have listed and now I’m in the process of signing up with life lock. But what do I do with the package I just received. I hope I don’t get into any legal trouble because I was unaware of these scammers or other information.

    • admin says:

      So sorry you were victimized by these criminals. Just take the package back to ups or the post office and explain that you are a victim of a reshipping scam and give them any info about these scammers you have and tell them to refuse any further packages from them. They will know what to do and will advise you.

    • Star says:

      What happen because my friend did the same thing

  10. Mauricio Gutierrez says:

    Thank you for the input I just had this offer come over to me and sent in some information and then when I was calling back decided to look into it and found your comments. I reported it to the Government website for fraud and provided phone numbers and emails. They also just changed the portal – Control Panel:
    Too bad sound too good to be true and I could never get hold of anyone via text or phone call

  11. Mort says:

    Just saw this one in my spam folder only the name is different. The name is says it came from is Beth Lynn and the contact e-mail is … you have to be a real LOWLIFE SCUMBAG to take advantage of people like this.

  12. Jacquelyn Sykes says:

    I received one like this few weeks ago and blocked it now I get a new one with different name and from email so sharing what I got…

    Stefanie Harrison

    Dear Applicant
    We are more than glad to announce that TM. Company has chosen you to partake in the screening procces and file an application for a job available in your area. The job you will apply for is that of Logistics Supervisor, it is home-based, so you will be working from home.
    Due to the fact that this is a home-based job, you will be able to work with a rigid or varying work schedule during business hours according to your convenience. Additionally, you will be trained on the company. Once you complete the probation, you will have an excellent opportunity to work in one of our warehouses.
    Your duties and responsibilities as a Logistics Supervisor will include:
    * to keep information current in your virtual Control Panel with daily assigned tasks online;
    * to pack and repack, ensure quality management and dispatch of orders;
    * to deal with receipting of deliveries and checking goods in;
    Compensation structure:
    Compensation will consist of а competitive salary and additional bonuses.
    First Salary: 2,600$ to be paid at the end of the month.
    Subsequent payment: 3,300/month after trial period of 1 month, the sum total to be divided into 2 biweekly payments.
    * Additional incentives: you will also be getting extra bonuses per each processed package. After the trial period bonuses will be paid every second week together with the salary.
    * All Logistics Managers- even those who work part-time – get a full benefits package, including full health coverage and paid vacation. We also have all kinds of resources for your promotion.
    Stefanie Harrison , in order to receive more information regarding the job, please reply with the following:
    – Your Current Cell Number:
    and our HR department will be delighted to answer all your questions.
    The applications with valid phone numbers are given priority.
    We deem that the Logistics Supervisor position has interested you, and we will build strong business relations in future together!
    TM. Company

    • admin says:

      Thank you for sharing this information. It looks like these scammers are also in the process of registering new domains
      to continue this scam: and as well as new domains for another scam they have apparently
      been running under the name Everest Company.

      • admin says:

        Here is a list of the various Alternate “Business” names these scammers has operated under that has been associated with the
        same 307 N 3rd St Vienna Ga address:

        SB Company
        Notion Lights Company
        NL Company
        The NL Company
        RR Company
        Real Reveries
        RR Logic LLC
        Real Reveries Company
        Sky Blue Logic, LLC
        Northern Lights
        QQ Staffing
        AG Logic LLC
        Agile Growth
        EC Company
        APT Europe
        EC Logic LLC
        TM Logic, LLC
        Top Motion

    • I got this exact same email last week and the same day got another one for another position but with TN not TM and got a second one that said the same as the above for the TN too it is the same site and different names I even got a chat bubble come up when I clicked the contract link.

  13. bre says:

    i also got sucked into this scam I have reported the company delivered one package, got life lock to keep a lock on my personal info

  14. Linda says:

    I got suckered into this until I looked up Top Motion. By then I had already sent my application my drivers liscense and my insurance card information. Now they have most of my pertinent information. I have not shipped any packages for them and do not intend to but am worried what they will do with my information. Thanks for making me aware of this before I mailed anythiing.

    • Stat says:

      Im so glad I looked up on this. I sent over my information & just cant believe this. I had delivered a package that came to my house. Im so nervous now & hope my name not caught up in this scam. I need my information flagged. I feel so dumb but I thought I had a Legit job.