Beware Of Schneider Safe Escrow Services Fraud Employment Offers!

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2 Responses

  1. Judy O says:

    I was so hoping this was a real job. Glad I read this page.
    Thanks and here is my letter from them. Sounded so legitimate.

    Hello Judy,

    My name is Anna Schulz and I’m and HR manager with Schneider Safe. You’ve applied for the job of Package Processing Manager. You look like a suitable applicant and I would like to go into detail regarding our offer.

    Our main business is trading security solutions mainly on retail market.Package Processing Manager and his activity is very important for the office. That’s why we’re offering a two month training course. One of the main benefits of the training course is that it is home-based and you don’t need to move or travel. We do pay the salary for the training course (this is why it is called On-The-Job Training). Now we are opening a new office – Packages Processing Center. This is the warehouse and the administrative office at the same time.

    We offer employment in this new office. You must pass a two-month training course from your home and we pay salary for it, first month – $ 1500, the second month – $ 2000.

    Follow the link visit “Careers” page, scroll down to the “Employment Process” and press “Register for the interview”.

    Input all the data accordingly (don’t forget to choose “Administrative Assistant” in the position box).

    Wait for the phone call from our representative. While you wait feel free to browse through the web site the Job Description. It becomes available from your account page.

    These are the simple steps to register for the interview. After the interview process is complete Employment Agreement will become available from the web site as well. I’m looking forward into working with you.

    Best regards,

    Anna Schulz

    phone: (608) 561-3635

    phone: (855)204-5282

    fax: (866) 838-4909

    • admin says:

      Thank you for sharing this information. Unfortunately, these scammers have become very good at “sounding and appearing” legitimate. That’s how they fool so many job seekers who are desperate to find a good paying job. Sadly so many victims fall for these “too good to be true job offers” that results in costing the victims thousands of dollars and possible prosecution as well as having to constantly monitor their credit reports and financial accounts for identity theft for years down the road as a result of providing their personal information to these criminals.