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2 Responses

  1. Krystal says:

    Gina Peretti, HR
    To Dec 11 at 3:10 PM
    Good afternoon,

    And thank you again for your interest in the Personal Assistant job with
    our company! In the attachment you will find our standard Employment
    Agreement for review, please read it, as it includes important information
    on the job duties, pay, schedule, benefits, etc. Additional information
    about the company can be found at our official website:

    We offer a 1-year contract, which is prolonged automatically every year,
    so this is permanent employment. Moreover, we are very interested in
    working with you on a permanent basis: there is a great demand on
    experienced personal assistants in the job market, and it’s much more
    convenient to work with people you have invested time and resources in,
    rather than constantly look for new ones. Please note that this is a
    home-based job, and your communication with clients and your supervisor
    will be solely online, via our corporate website.

    There are 2 work shift options: you can work either part-time (20 hours
    per week), or full-time (40 hours per week). The hours in the Employment
    Agreement are given for YOUR time zone; they include an optional lunch
    break for 1 hour: if you don’t need one, you can simply start later or
    finish your day earlier. Unfortunately, working evening hours isn’t an
    option. It is possible to start working part-time and switch to full-time
    later though (or vice versa); however, you will need to send us a notice
    at least in 2 weeks prior to the desired schedule changes.

    Regarding the pay: the starting salary is $3800 per month for full-time
    and $2000 per month for part-time; this is a guaranteed monthly salary,
    this job is not commission-based. All numbers are given before taxes: you
    will receive a W4 form to fill out, which will be used to calculate your
    state income tax deductions. We would also add a bonus in the amount of
    20% of your monthly pay to your paycheck, if there have been no complaints
    both from the client on your services, and from your supervisor on your
    performance. However, if you have been rude to a client, failed to meet
    the given deadline for a task or showed up late for work without a prior
    notice to your supervisor, your bonus will most likely be cancelled; some
    penalties also may be applied.

    Finally, the training: there is a free online training course for 2 days,
    which are considered as your first days of work and are paid by the
    company. The training materials will be available upon your signing all
    paperwork and officially becoming a new employee of Professional Business
    Assistant. You will be assigned to a supervisor who will be helping you
    with your first tasks: sending you detailed guidelines, giving you hints
    and recommendations and taking you step-by-step through the whole process.


    In order to proceed, please print out the Employment Agreement, fill in
    your contact details and put the start date of your choice, then sign the
    document, scan it and send back to me by email. If you don’t have a
    scanner, you can simply make a legible photo of a signed contract and
    email it to me. Also, since your job duties will require the access to
    personal, financial and confidential information of our clients, a
    background check is a must for all employees. Please fill in and sign the
    Background Check Authorization Form and send it to me as well.

    As soon as I receive your signed paperwork and the results of the
    background check, I will send you the rest of forms to fill out, such as
    the W4, payroll, etc. We’re looking for people who can start working with
    us ASAP, preferably next week. If you have questions, please feel free to
    call me or email them to me as well.

    Best regards,
    Gina Peretti, HR Dept
    Professional Business Assistant
    Phone: (423) 451-2240