DigiWeb Media Group Sarasota Employment Scam

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4 Responses

  1. Farid says:


    Good news: I reviewed your contract, looks like you managed to include all
    required details, such as your contact information, the desired schedule
    and the signature. I have also confirmed with my supervisor that you’ll be
    able to start working with us shortly. Can’t wait to see you on board!

    There are only 2 more forms to fill out and finalize the employment
    process, they are in the attachment to this email.

    – 2015 W4 Form

    First of all, I’m sending you a W4, which is required for calculating your
    income tax deductions. If you have issues with opening/viewing the file,
    please use the following link to download it directly from the IRS
    website: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw4.pdf As for 2016 W4, I’ll send
    one to you in January.

    – Banking Form

    Also, since we are hiring you to operate as our company’s representative,
    you will need a bank account. The reason is quite simple: you will be an
    authorized representative of Websites Unlimited communicating directly
    with our clients, which would entail receiving the fees for their orders
    and paying the technical specialists working on such projects. You can use
    an existing checking account for working with us or open a new one. It
    could even be a business one: “Your name DBA DigiWeb Media”. Let me know
    if you need assistance with setting up a business account please.

    IMPORTANT: You start working with clients only AFTER they have signed a
    contract for web development services with our company. All clients must
    sign the paperwork, which specifically declares that even if the clients
    change their mind about ordering services with us, the advance payment
    will not be returned. Also, in order to protect both you, and the company
    we insist that all client payments are sent directly to your bank, where
    the origin of the funds can be verified and the funds are cleared by the
    financial institution before being released.

    I have also included a file with more information about the company as
    well as some brief FAQ on the position.

    Please fill both forms out and email back to me. As soon as I receive and
    verify both documents, I will set you the access to our corporate web
    server, where you will find the training materials. I will also find out
    which supervisor you will be assigned to and make the formal introduction.

    Best regards,
    Rose Mulligan, HR Executive
    DigiWeb Media Group
    Call us: (941) 306-2133

    • admin says:

      Thank you for providing this information! It’s exactly as I suspected. First they tell you your banking info is for your paycheck to be deposited, then the real reason comes out in the following email detailing the use of your bank account to handle their “Client” transactions! NO legitimate business would EVER require an employee to use their personal bank account nor ask an employee to obtain a business bank account in their name to handle company business!

  2. Tai says:

    Rose Mulligan, HR


    Today at 8:53 AM

    Good morning,

    Thank you again for your interest in the Client Manager position with
    DigiWeb Media! I’m sending you our standard Employment Agreement in the
    attachment to this message: it includes crucial details about the position
    duties, pay, schedule, benefits, etc. You can learn more about our company
    and the solutions we offer at our official website:

    I also outlined a list of general questions about this position and the
    answers to them below:

    1. What do Client Managers do?

    You don’t have to be a web programmer/designer or have any IT experience
    at all, because your job duties won’t involve any coding, web design or
    any other activities that require technical qualifications or education.
    As a Client Manager you will be a key player in every stage of the
    process, from managing customers and processing their orders to monitoring
    product/services delivery in assigned developer teams from United States
    and Europe.

    2. What hours will I be working?

    There are 2 work shift options: you can work either part-time (20 hours
    per week), or full-time (40 hours per week). The hours in the Employment
    Agreement are given for YOUR time zone; they include an optional lunch
    break for 1 hour: if you don’t need one, you can simply start later or
    finish your day earlier. Unfortunately, working weekends or evenings isn’t
    an option. It is possible to start working part-time and switch to
    full-time later (or vice versa); however, you will need to notify us at
    least in 2 weeks prior to the desired schedule changes.

    3. What are the salary and bonuses for the position?

    The starting salary is $3850 per month for full-time and $2000 per month
    for part-time; this is a guaranteed monthly pay, not commission-based. All
    numbers are given before taxes: you will receive a W4 form to fill out,
    which will be used to calculate your state income tax deductions. The pay
    is direct deposited into your account every 10 business days since your
    actual start date. Just to make it clear: a start date would be your first
    day on the job, not the effective date on the Employment Agreement.

    A bonus in the amount of 20% of your monthly pay will also be added to
    your paycheck per each client you’ve been working with during the month,
    if there have been no complaints both from the client on your support
    quality, and from your supervisor on your performance. However, if you
    have been rude to a client, failed to meet the given deadline for an
    assignment, or showed up late for work without a prior notice to your
    supervisor, your bonus will most likely be cancelled.

    4. Does the company provide me with a laptop?

    No, we don’t provide our employees with equipment, because any device with
    the Internet access will be suitable for this job. If you have a laptop or
    a Mac, a tablet of a smartphone, you will be able to access our corporate

    5. Is there special training for this job?

    We offer a free online training course for 1-2 days, which are considered
    as your first days of work and are paid by the company. The training
    materials will be available upon your signing all paperwork and officially
    becoming a new employee of DigiWeb Media.

    6. How do I get started?

    When you’re ready, please print out the Employment Agreement, fill in your
    contact details and put the start date of your choice, then sign the
    document, scan it and send back to me by email. If you don’t have a
    scanner, you can simply make a legible photo of a signed contract and
    email it to me.

    I will review the paperwork, ask additional questions if necessary, and
    then send you the rest of forms to fill out, such as the W4, payroll, etc.
    We’re looking for people who can start working with us ASAP, preferably
    next week. If you have questions, please feel free to call me or email
    them to me as well.

    Best regards,
    Rose Mulligan, HR Executive
    DigiWeb Media Group
    Call us: (941) 306-2133

    Ohh and the CEO her name this time is Susan Church.
    Good thing I looked and did my research.

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this information with our readers! Just as I suspected! This is a huge help in warning and preventing potential victims!