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  1. admin says:

    Beware..they are now using an additional website at registered for one year on 12/07/2015. The domains whois information states this website is registered to someone named Kelly Stone with an organization called Tax Busters, Inc. 2442 N Laramie Ave Chicago. Registrant Phone: +1.7738880260 Registrant Email: Email addresses from the website show

  2. Jessica says:

    I did not give them any of my personal information, but I did inquire about the position and these were the emails that I received.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Jessica, I appreciate you sharing these emails, it validates what I already suspected, and is exactly what I was hoping someone would share with our readers. I’m so glad you didn’t follow thru and send them any personal information.

  3. Jessica says:


    Thank you again for your interest in the Operator position with our company! Tax Busters is a team of tax preparers with a total work experience of over 20 years; our specialty is claiming tax refunds for both US specialists currently working in Europe and Asia, and foreign expats who used to work in the United States. Additional information about the company can be found at our official website: (please note that our company is based in Chicago and we are not related to other companies under similar names; nor we have any other websites except for this one).
    I’m sending you our standard employment package in the attachment to this message, including the following documents:
    a) Employment Agreement, which gives you a general notion of your duties, guaranteed monthly salary, expenses and other work issues;
    b) Banking Form used for submitting your bank account information;
    c) W4 form;
    d) FAQ – the list of answers to the most frequently asked questions about the company and the position.

    A bank account is a must for working with us as your main duty will be delivering prepared tax refunds to our clients; usually a person in this position is authorized to visit the bank and physically withdraw the funds from our corporate account, but since you’re working remotely, the best option for us would be to wire the funds to you.
    Just to remind you, this position does NOT involve any sales, cold calling or actual tax preparation. You will be working from home, most tasks will be performed online at our web server which you will have access to. The company doesn’t provide you with a laptop or a cell phone, however, if you have a laptop or a tablet with the Internet connection and a valid phone number, you are all set to start. We do reimburse all job related expenses, such as cell phone and Internet bills.
    Please note that this is a permanent position, and you will be working all year round, not only during the tax season. There are 2 work shifts available: you can work either part-time (20 hours per week), or full-time (40 hours per week); unfortunately, evening hours aren’t an option. You can start working part-time and switch to full-time later (or vice versa); in such a case please notify us at least in 2 weeks before the desired changes in hours.
    Your starting base salary will be $3850 per month for full-time or $2000 for part-time paid every 2 weeks since the start date. There are also bonuses for refunds delivered on time and without errors, as well as penalties for delays and failed assignments. All new employees are assigned to supervising managers, who provide additional resources and information.
    In order to start please print out the Employment Agreement and the Banking Form, fill both documents out, sign and email back to me. If you don’t have a scanner, a legible photo of the signed paperwork would be acceptable as well. This is a final job offer, which means you will be considered an official employee of the company, not a contractor; we would also require you to fill out a W4 form to calculate your state income tax deductions, which I will forward you later.
    As I previously mentioned, this position is available immediately, so we can get you started as soon as possible. Should you have any questions, please feel free to send them to me. Thanks in advance, I’m looking forward to start working with you!

    Best regards,
    Richard Novak
    Tax Busters LLC
    Phone: (773) 888-0260

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much for the information! It will be a huge help in warning other potential victims.

      • Jessica says:

        I can only imagine what they would have done with my bank account information and my social security number. Thank you so much for providing this link. I recently posted my resume on a few different career websites, I am certain that is where they got my email address.

        • admin says:

          You are so welcome! And Yes you are correct. Sites like CareerBuilder, etc is where they search and find their potential victims email addresses from resumes that are posted.

  4. Jessica says:

    Good morning,

    Thank you for your interest in the Operator position with our company! Here at Tax Busters we have been preparing taxes and arranging tax returns for over two decades. We specialize in claiming tax refunds for both US specialists currently working in Europe and Asia, and foreign expats who used to work in the United States. It’s high season for taxes now, and we have opened additional home-based Operator positions, which are available on a remote basis.

    You can work from home or any location in the United States as long as you can devote 4-8 hours to the job and stay online during your work shifts. We’re open Monday to Friday and usually closed on weekends and federal holidays, which means these will be your days off as well. You don’t have to purchase any special software or equipment: your performance will be tracked online, at our corporate web server which you will be clocking in every morning. If you have a smartphone/tablet/laptop with a web browser and basic Office programs installed, that should be enough.

    This job doesn’t require any previous accounting or tax preparation experience; you will be performing the same administrative duties as Operators working in our Chicago office, which are the following:

    – Managing electronic paperwork and correspondence with clients;
    – Assisting with scheduling, preparing, and documenting tax returns and refunds;
    – Gathering client feedback via a ticket system, helping address issues and answer inquiries;
    – Processing confidential materials on a regular basis.

    You will be assigned to a supervisor, who will provide you with additional information on everyday routine and overall support. All employees are eligible for a short online training course to ensure the quality of their services. Training takes 1-2 days, which are considered to be your work days and are fully paid by the company.

    This is a permanent job contract with a starting salary for this position of $3,850 monthly before taxes. Paychecks are direct deposited every 2 weeks since the actual start date. TWe also offer bonuses for individual performance based on the client evaluation of your services and support. It’s quite possible to double your base pay with bonuses already by the end of your second month, if you work with 5-10 clients per month and provide flawless services to them.

    Please email me back, if you’re still interested in the Operator position: we will forward you employment documentation for review with details on your pay, benefits, schedule and other job related information. If you come up with any questions, feel free to ask me as well. Please note that we’re looking for someone to begin immediately, so if you are available to start next week, it would be a great advantage.

    Best regards,
    Richard Novak
    Tax Busters LLC
    Phone: (773) 888-0260

  5. Jessica says:

    Dear Jessica ,

    This email is a one-time notification of a recently opened position with a potential employer. A tax preparer is looking for home-based Operators who will be taking care of their expanding client base remotely, from home. Operators are expected to consistently provide excellent customer service to the clients, as well as communicate client needs within the organization through web-based tickets system and electronic correspondence. Prior work experience in this industry is NOT a must as the employer provides all new contractors with free online materials and advanced support.

    This opening will be available in December, 2015; the successful candidates will be offered a permanent job contract with a starting salary of $46,200 per year plus incentive bonuses as well as a promising benefits package. There is a choice between full-time and part-time shifts, and since this is a work-from-home opportunity, you will be able to work from any location within the United States.

    If you are interested and willing to apply for the Operator opening, please respond to this email and let me know when you are available to start. We will follow up with additional information on the position upon receiving your feedback.
    Best regards,
    Craig Williams
    Hr Manager