Tanja Kühle Immobilien Berlin Rent Coordinator Job Scam

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1 Response

  1. Mark Slater says:

    Hello Mark.
    How are you?

    Thank you for keeping in contact with me, I already got your message. First of all, I’m very glad that you have received all the documents. Now you should sign them if
    you are interested in the proposed position. You must send the completed documents by fax or e-mail. My fax/tel: (800) 376-8678.
    I’ll wait for your documents, just send them today, and you get a chance to start working from next Monday.
    I already told you that you will work from home, therefore you will meet the customers: in your location, or in the nearest big airports, or in the nearest big cities.
    So, you will not involved in traveling around the country. Whom you will meet? Usually it is the tourists from the Europe, usually family or students.
    You will have a minimum contact with the customers, you will be just a representative of our company for any unplanned situation.
    Our tour managers in the Europe will do main job and your main duties in this part will consist from:
    booking any external tickets, consulting about the transport, and represent our company if any unusual situation will be happened
    (for example, if our client didn’t like the hotel which we provided, and he want another one).
    That’s brief description. We will have a training and I will send you complete instructions before giving such tasks.
    But you will meet the customers only after a full course of training period that will take maximum 2-3 months.

    Therefore, your first tasks will be processing payments and you will not have a contact with the client until I completely train you.
    We are interested in a long-time relationship and offer this position as a part-time long-term job, and as long as it possible.
    As for the checks from our clients: when you received the check from our customer, you should cash it using any service (your bank, bank of origin or another place),
    and transfer the remaining 95 percent of the amount (minus transfer fees).
    You’ll receive a salary monthly and your full course of training period will be paid also in amount of a $3000.00 + 5 percent from the amount of each processed payment.
    And it’s a free position, ie you do not have to pay anything out of pocket to get this job.
    You will work 4-5 hours per week only, therefore I think, you can coordinate both jobs and combine this position with your current job.
    We will cooperate with you as the independent contractor.
    This way the taxes will be declared under the 1099 tax form, and we will compensate you the sum of taxes in the end of tax year.
    You’ll be responsible only for your own income (including a 5 percent commission received from payments and the $3000 monthly based salary).
    The position offered is a work-from-home position at this time.
    However, we are planning to set up several first offices in different states of the USA in May of 2019.
    Around that time you will be offered to go on working in one of them as some customers are expected to arrive there directly.
    Our main office located in Germany, and it’s international business. We provide our services in several countries around the world working with import and export basis.
    We don’t have physical office in the USA but we are registered with the US authorities and able to provide our services and pay taxes.

    Our customers can make payments via wire transfers and by checks or money transfers via MoneyGram.
    And our company can independently receive and process only two types of payments: either a wire or a money transfer systems MoneyGram.
    But our client has every right to make payment by check so we offered you this position. Our customers are the US citizens.
    We can not accept payments by check from them, because we don’t have an office inside the USA and due to the crisis can’t open them in nearest future.
    The US checks are not acceptable in Germany. It’s also the reason why we can’t provide you business account on the name of the Company.
    This is because our Company doesn’t have a business accounts in any US banks. Of course, we have an official formal registration in Florida state,
    but we don’t have actual office in the USA.
    And this way we can’t accept any payments from the US customers directly, because the payments must be accepted in territory of the US and processed through
    the US bank or company teller machine. Since we don’t have a company teller machine and physical office, we need the US representatives,
    agents who will receive payments and process them for us, and we pay a good money for this.
    According to bank policy, you can deposit the check to clear it. This is your right and this is not a problem that could prevent completion of the transaction.
    You’ll just have to tell me how much days it will take before the funds will be available for withdrawal. Our company is not related to crime, cheating, etc.
    The technology of a money processing is legally approved and don’t break any US or international laws. It is absolutely legal.
    We have all necessary documents which give us right to work and employ the US citizens.

    Right now I have no way to contact you directly, due to my business trip.
    Most likely, I will be able to call you next week only, but my assistant may call you at any time.
    As a rule, he is obliged to call you as soon as you sign the agreement and application.

    Uwe Wolf
    Tanja Kuhle Immobilien