Beware Of The Kerry Foods Scam

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5 Responses

  1. Jessica says:

    I have been scammed by Nikolas too,

    I gave him all my details and bank details.

    It sounded legit but I was having second thoughts the other night in bed.

    I rang Kerrys in WA and told them the situation and the receptionist said it is a scam.

    I went to bank to change my account details as soon as I got off the phone so at least they can’t put any money into my bank BUT they have my personal details like where I live!

    I threatened Nikolas and said I will be reporting him but now I am assuming the worst and think they he may send someone out to hurt me.

    Please help 🙁

    • admin says:

      I wouldn’t worry too much about him sending someone out to hurt you since these scammers are not the least bit worried about being reported. They use fake names, VPNs to hide their location and throw away phones that can’t be traced. Once the website gets reported and shut down for fraud, they just create another scam site under a new IP under someones stolen identity. Pretty much the only way they can be caught is when they pick up the stolen money their victims wire to them.

      What I would be worried about if I were you, is if they have your SS# and or birthdate, they can steal your identity and obtain credit in your name or use your info to scam other potential victims. I would definitely get some identity theft protection ASAP and file a complaint at

  2. Laureen says:

    I replied to an ad on gumtree for F&B allrounder with attached resume (stupid me) and i basically got the same email in return that you have shown as a scam ( the email was for ben parker) but reply from “Nikolas” asking me of my availability! Obviously i now know this is a scam should i be concerned they have my personal details like name/address from my resume however no banking details? I noticed they have taken ad down already so can’t report to gumtree, what should i do next?

    • admin says:

      Lareen, as long as you didn’t provide them a birthdate, ss # cc or banking information, you should be ok. Just cease any further communication with them.

      • Laureen says:

        No my Resume only has my name, address, ph number and email address as personal details. Very frustrating you can’t even apply for a job without there being a scam to it!
        I have deleted their email!