V L Martin Enterprises Logistics Manager Reshipping Scam At Sendmeabox.com

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24 Responses

  1. Sue Slater says:

    I’ve been working for 3 weeks, kinda shaky before my payday. Looks like a serious stuff… I’ve been surfing the web and I’m not sure what’s true, they claim the opposite.
    Look sendmeabox.com/reportscam-response-20072017.php it was updated as well

    • admin says:

      Scammers will always claim they are legitimate. Do you honestly think they would admit they’re fake? It’s beyond me why anyone still thinks these reshipping/package forwarding work at home “Jobs” are legitimate when there is all these warnings out there about these scams by the FBI, The US Postal Inspector, The FTC and many others. Getting a check from these scammers should be the least of your worries when you should be worried about going to prison!

      • Sue Slater says:

        they sent one more link http://sendmeabox.com/top-recommendations-response-08112017.php

        when I read yours and their articles simultaneously i go nuts, what do you think about shipito.com, are they scammers as well?

        • admin says:

          Yes we’re aware of that link which is a bunch of garbage they believe makes them appear legit but in reality it just shows the opposite.

          As far as shipito.com, They are a registered LLC in the state of Utah as SHIPITO LLC which matches the websites whois address information, however the registered name on the LLC registration is DAVID J. NIELSEN and the website registration name is Chris Bauer. The website does not show there is an office or warehouse in Utah. They show there are 3 warehouse locations in California, Nevada and Oregon but does not provide any addresses for these warehouses or a main office address. They claim the packages are shipped to the warehouses from where ever the items are purchased and then processed and shipped directly to the customer from there. They are also supposedly affiliated with US Unlocked which is apparently a pre-paid debit card and they also supposedly offer an affiliate program through incparadise.net which is a website that sells incorporations and LLC’s so that doesn’t make any sense.

          There is a lot of bad reviews out there about shipito.com from doing a simple search. So they don’t have a very reputable reputation.

          But I will say this much, if you received an unsolicited email from someone claiming to represent Shipito offering you a “work from home” job with a too good to be true salary accepting packages at your home, relabeling and then reshipping them elsewhere, delete it.. it’s a scam.

  2. Isaac Bower says:

    I was out of the city last few days and i just came back and read email from them. When I asked who is Frankie Schild they say she is founder of Sendmeabox.com. So it looks legal when you check the domain. They also are BBB registered business at 1108 East Rialto Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408 and they list this address on the web-site as well. I can not find anything illegal about them. Sorry.

    • admin says:

      “V L Martin Enterprises THIS BUSINESS IS NOT BBB ACCREDITED.” This was taken from the BBB website. The BBB has listings of every business name whether they are a registered legal business or not. It does not provide any owner’s name and says there’s only 1 employee and no reviews or complaints. Hardly what you can call reliable business info and I’ve seen hundreds of these BBB listings on so called business names that didn’t even exist and that info was used by scammers. In fact I was scammed by a fake business who was using the info from the BBB several years ago! Frankie Schild was the original registrant of sendmeabox.com and that persons address was 2190 Ferguson Street, Quincy, MA, 02169. The domain was parked and then deleted in 2016. It changed ownership in June 2017 when the website was created. Where is their California state business or entity registration? There is no credible information to be found that proves this is an active Global LOGISTICS company doing business in San Bernardino California. I cannot find anything LEGAL about them. Sorry.

  3. Tonya Batts says:

    Im a single mom with 2 children trying to pay my bills…wow..

    • admin says:

      Tonya, I’m so sorry you are in this situation, I understand completely. I wish I could tell you this job is legit, but unfortunately it isn’t.
      These scammers will say anything to try and convince you that they are, and you can see the comments they have made here already on this post to try and discredit this website. We’ve been right here warning our readers about job scams for almost 5 years and you can go back and read all the comments that victims has posted over the years in response to our articles that will validate that our reports are accurate.

      Sendmeabox.com has only been around for 2 months and the garbage they posted on their website about us and their innocent victim is nothing but lies and only proves furthur they are definitely not a legitimate or ethical business.

      • Tonya Batts says:

        All of them..??can i get a list of them ..Why havent they been caught up for doing??

        • admin says:

          Are you asking about the comments to the articles we have posted over the years? You can go to the main page and click on the category “Employment And Job Scams” and on each article the comments will be at the bottom if there are any. Not all articles were commented on, but most were and some had a LOT of comments. There are just so many different scams and scammers out there the feds can’t catch all of them especially when they are using fake names, and use untraceable email addresses etc. The only thing we can do is keep making people aware of these scams to prevent more victims and those who do fall victim needs to report as much info to the feds as they can.

  4. Lakita Messamore says:

    I’m quite confused…. I’ve got the job on July 3rd, everything was awesome, even too good to be true and I had doubts… Anyways, I was paid last Friday by Paypal. Now I’m not sure how the heck should I interpret it… If I was their victim, how did they scam me??? Should I continue ??? Any comments, please..

    • admin says:

      You will find out how they scammed you when the police or FBI shows up to your door looking for the merchandise that was purchased with someone else’s stolen credit card and delivered to your address!
      Read the postal inspectors warning here: https://postalinspectors.uspis.gov/radDocs/consumer/ReshippingScam.html
      And here: http://about.usps.com/publications/pub300a/pub300a_tech_022.htm
      And more info here: http://www.idtheftcenter.org/Scams/reshipping-scams-can-land-you-in-hot-water.html

      Be leery of that paypal payment as it may be bogus as well. I wouldn’t be too quick to cash it out or spend it yet, as
      many times those type of payments has been found to be fraudulent weeks later as well. If you withdrew
      it or spent it before the fraud is discovered, paypal will come after you to repay it.

      • Lakita Messamore says:

        I’ve verified it with PayPal and transaction was legit. I also checked orders I received with postal inspector and everything is fine.

        • admin says:

          Well Lakita, best of luck to you. The postal inspector is the first person that will tell you accepting packages at your home and reshipping them elsewhere is a scam. I’m not stupid, I know all you people posting here, defending this “company” are part of the scam. So have a nice day.

    • SH says:

      hello, i tried to ask them to give me proof that they exist as a company and they wouldn’t they only gave me a employer id number but i still did not find them . If you would like to talk more over the phone please email me and I will send you my number

    • SH says:

      hello, i tried to ask them to give me proof that they exist as a company and they wouldn’t they only gave me a employer id number but i still did not find them . If you would like to talk more over the phone please email me and I will send you my number

  5. SH says:

    Hello, I have some questions for anybody about this company. They have there own database and everything. please contact me maybe we can have a more update on this topic

    • Tonya Batts says:

      Hey ive been working for them now..today 30 days..now im shaky about receiving my check.?

      • SH says:

        I think we all need to get together and get to the bottom of this company if they are real or not

        • admin says:

          VL Martin Enterprises is NOT a registered company in the state of California! They are using fake business addresses as well.
          I suggest you call your attorney general’s office or contact the US postal inspector at 1-877-876-2455
          (option 4, Mail Fraud)if you need more proof.

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