Tax Quick New York Client Manager/Operator Employment Scam

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2 Responses

  1. LM says:

    Here is what I was sent along with some form attachments
    I did not complete the paperwork nor have I gone any further
    I thought it was strange to offer someone a job with NO interviews at all

    Good morning,

    And thank you again for your interest in the Account Manager position with Tax Quick! You will find our standard employment package in the attachment to this message, including the following documents:

    a) Employment Agreement, which gives you a general notion of your duties, guaranteed monthly salary, expenses, benefits and other work issues;
    b) Background Check Authorization form: since you will be working with finances and confidential information, we will need to perform a full background check first.

    Just to remind you, this position does NOT involve any sales, cold calling or actual tax preparation. You will be working from home, most tasks will be performed online at our web server which you will have access to online. One of your job duties will be delivering tax refunds to our clients; usually a person in this position is authorized to visit the bank and physically withdraw the funds from our corporate account, but since you’re working remotely, the best option for us would be to mail the funds to you as paper checks.

    Please note that this is a permanent position, and you will be working all year round, not only during the tax season. There are 2 work shifts available: you can work either part-time (30 hours per week), or full-time (40 hours per week). The amount of part-time hours was recently changed from 20 to 30 because of the increase in the client pool. You can start working part-time and switch to full-time later (or vice versa); in such a case please notify us at least in 2 weeks before the desired changes in hours. The company doesn’t provide you with a laptop or a cell phone, however, if you have a laptop or a tablet with the Internet connection and a valid phone number for our supervisors to contact you, you are all set to start. We do reimburse all job related expenses, such as cell phone and Internet bills.

    Your starting base salary will be $3760 per month for full-time or $2700 for part-time paid every monthly on the 15th. There are also bonuses for refunds delivered on time and without errors, as well as penalties for delays and failed assignments. All new employees are assigned to supervising managers, who provide additional resources and information on your daily routine.

    In order to start please print out the Employment Agreement and the Background Check Authorization form; fill both documents out, sign them and email back to me. If you don’t have a scanner, legible photos of the signed paperwork would be acceptable as well. This is a final job offer, which means you will be considered an official employee of the company, not a contractor; we would also require you to fill out a W4 form to calculate your state income tax deductions, which I will send you later.

    As I previously mentioned, this position is available immediately, so we can get you started next week. Should you have any questions, please feel free to send them to me. Thanks in advance, I’m looking forward to start working with you! Additional information about the company can be found at our official website:

    Best regards,
    Linda Belinsky, HR
    PHONE: (347) 903-8970